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Our Beliefs

  • We believe in direct and immediate access to God. We believe that Jesus alone is the head of His Church. God’s Spirit can speak directly to each member and to a congregation without the benefit of any hierarchies or intermediaries.

  • We believe in the “gathered” church. The church exists based on Matthew 18:20 for where two or three come together in my name, I am there with them. This is a covenantal relationship of Christians bound together freely in the mutual bond of their common love for Christ.

  • We believe in “congregational polity”. The congregation is a self-governing unit where duties and responsibilities are shared by all the members. As an autonomous church we are free from external control.

  • We believe in the “universal” church. All believers are one under God, regardless of their denominational background.

  • We believe in God. God’s unity is expressed in the Trinitarian view of God, the Father; God, the Son; and God, the Holy Spirit.

  • We believe in being Christ centered. We focus on the life and teachings of Jesus. In following the teachings and will of Christ, we believe we are to live as if character and conduct matter.

  • We believe in a free and simple way to salvation. Salvation is the gift of God’s grace accepted by faith resulting in the forgiveness of sins, strength for life’s journey and the assurance of a destiny worth living for. It is to know oneself as a child of God with the opportunity to be the kind of person God desires us to be.

  • We believe in the open Bible. As we read, study and meditate upon the Bible the spiritual guidance it contains will direct the faith and practice of individuals and the church.

  • We believe in being a church of thinking and seeking minds. We value the principle of freedom of conscience. We have no one statement of faith or canon law that is binding on all. For one to have sincere convictions they must be given the opportunity for intellectual freedom and personal experience.

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